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    Westerly Bulldogs Dominate with 20-4 Victory Over Burrillville

    In a remarkable demonstration of team synergy and offensive firepower, the Westerly Bulldogs delivered a masterclass in baseball, securing a commanding 20-4 victory over Burrillville in a Division II clash that was a feast for baseball purists. This impressive performance, lasting just five innings at Cimalore Field, not only showcased the Bulldogs' hitting prowess but also emphasized their unbeaten start to the season, elevating their record to a flawless 3-0.

    The game unfolded with Westerly unleashing a relentless offensive onslaught, accumulating a staggering 16 runs across the first two innings. This hitting spree was part of a larger narrative that saw the Bulldogs amass 20 hits in total, an unequivocal statement of their batting depth and prowess. The second inning witnessed an extraordinary showcase of team strength, with Westerly sending 21 batters to the plate collectively accounting for an 11-run inning off nine hits.

    Beyond these explosive moments, the Bulldogs demonstrated their depth through contributions from many players. Pitching also played a pivotal role in this dominant display, with Tentura delivering a solid performance from the mound. Over the first three innings, his pitching was instrumental in keeping Burrillville at bay, allowing just two hits and striking out four, despite the challenge of walking the leadoff man in each of the first three innings. 

    Looking ahead, as Westerly sets its sights on the upcoming game against Chariho, this victory against Burrillville stands as a testament to their potential and prowess in Division II baseball. It wasn't just the depth of their lineup or the strength of their pitching that made the difference but the collective spirit and performance that propelled them to such an emphatic win. 

    Westerly will be home again on Friday April 12th against Norwich Free Academy at 4pm. Watch the game LIVE on 321 Westerly!