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    Twelfth Night 2025: Westerly's Beloved Spectacle Reborn!

    After a decade-long intermission, the vibrant tradition of “A Celebration of Twelfth Night” is poised for a grand revival in Westerly. This esteemed holiday production, a brainchild of The Chorus of Westerly in collaboration with Flock Theatre, is set to enchant audiences anew in January 2025, marking the return of a cherished community spectacle.

    For over four decades, Twelfth Night served as a cornerstone of Westerly’s cultural calendar, weaving together music, drama, dance, boar’s heads, action, and humor into an uplifting narrative. Its roots trace back to the mid-1970s, inspired by John Meredith Langstaff’s Revels. Under the visionary guidance of founding Music Director George Kent and Anne Utter, the production evolved into a post-Christmas beacon of hope, showcasing themes of triumph over adversity and the unity of shared humanity.

    The 2025 revival, happening from January 10-12, represents a unique collaboration between The Chorus of Westerly and Flock Theatre, with the former overseeing the musical direction under Andrew Howell, and the latter managing the theatrical elements, led by Derron Wood and Victor Chiburis. The George Kent Performance Hall on High Street will once again host the event, rekindling memories and creating new ones in its historic venue.

    This return is not merely a revival of a show but a rejuvenation of community spirit. The production has always been a melting pot for talent, bringing together children and adults, amateurs and professionals, to create something magical. Noteworthy talents like Andrew Burnap, a Tony Award-winning actor, once graced its stage, highlighting the platform's role in nurturing future stars.

    The collaboration between The Chorus of Westerly and Flock Theatre isn’t new; both organizations have a rich history of partnership. Their collaborative spirit is a testament to their commitment to the arts and the community. Andrew Howell's excitement mirrors the community's anticipation, underscoring the impact of Twelfth Night on Westerly's cultural fabric.

    While the 2025 production is currently envisioned as a one-time event, the mere act of revival speaks volumes about the enduring legacy of Twelfth Night. It remains a symbol of community, creativity, and celebration, transcending the confines of time to bring joy and unity to the heart of Westerly.

    For those wishing to be part of this historical event, whether on stage or behind the scenes, opportunities abound. The Chorus of Westerly’s website has all the info you need, from auditions to ticket sales, inviting the community to contribute to this magnificent revival.

    The return of Twelfth Night is a homecoming for a tradition that has long been a source of pride and joy for Westerly. As the community counts down to January 2025, anticipation builds for what promises to be a memorable reintroduction of a beloved production. Now have good day!