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    Westerly Live Sports Archives Find a New Home at 321 Westerly

    In an exciting development for sports enthusiasts and the local community, the Westerly Live Sports Archives, spanning the years 2020 to 2023, are set to become publicly accessible! Sponsored by Vinny’s Barbershop, 321 Westerly will be bringing you a comprehensive collection of Westerly High School sports game livestreams, marking a significant moment for the preservation and celebration of local athletic talent.

    The archive is a varied, showcasing an array of sports for both girls and boys teams. From the thrill of Thanksgiving Day, to buzzer beater basketball games, so many moments of athletic excellence has been captured, providing an invaluable resource for players, coaches, students, and sports fans alike.

    321 Westerly has immediately started the task of uploading these videos to their YouTube channel. It’s not just about making these games available; it's a celebration of the hard work and dedication of Westerly High School's student-athletes. The best part? Access to this treasure trove is completely FREE!

    The sponsorship by Vinny’s Barbershop underscores the shop’s commitment to their community and local sports. Their generous support has been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition, ensuring that these memorable moments are preserved for posterity.

    321 hopes that the archive will serve as a digital time capsule, allowing current and future generations to relive some of the most exciting moments in WHS sports history. It’s a testament to the school’s spirit, and a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes. So get ready to dive into the heart of local sports history, one game at a time. Coming soon!

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